International Programs

At Cross Training Sports Camp, Inc we have traveled the world from Africa and Bolivia to Central America. As we began to grow and seek God’s ongoing purpose for our ministry, we were drawn to a small island off the coast of Honduras called Roatan.


After receiving an invitation to conduct a sports camp at a local orphanage in Roatan in 2003, we saw the many varied needs of the children and families there. As we arrived and then left after a single week or two of ministry for a few years, we began to feel God calling us to a longer, stronger presence in the communities there. As we experienced what life was like on the island and came into contact with the Christian churches and missionaries already there, we began to search for how we might have the most impact in the lives of the island people.

The results are the ministries that are defined here on our site:

  • A feeding program in the French Harbor area that is a collaborative ministry in conjunction with other international ministries and local Christians who perform the day to day operations.
  • A youth ministry building in the Flowers Bay area called “The Net”. This new structure houses weekly Bible studies for youth and provides a gathering place for area youth to participate in wholesome leisure activities. It also provides a physical place where job training activities can take place to provide women and youth with skills to improve their lives.
  • A yearly Elsie Conde Camp for special needs children, which along with the local island moms of special needs kids, is helping to change perceptions of special needs people on the island.


We have grown to love the island with its contrast of beauty and darkness, poverty and affluence. We strive to minister in the name of Jesus to one and all as we look to meet the needs of its people by through provision, training and encouragement.

Through partnerships and friendships, we seek to embody the love of Christ to everyone we meet in Roatan.