Feeding Programs and Educational Support


“I Was…I Am” Feeding Program

“I Was…I Am” feeding program provides daily breakfast and lunch to 100 school children in Roatan.


These children who would otherwise go without meals come from the The Hill community and surrounding areas.  Local volunteers and 2 paid employees prepare and serve meals daily at a local church.

CTSC and our sponsors partner with local churches, businesses and individuals to maintain this ministry.  Daily prayers and devotions accompany the daily serving of meals.  Frequently volunteers provide special programs and distribute school supplies and clothing.

Educational Support

While public schools are available in Roatan, students and their families must provide uniforms, books, school supplies and transportation.  CTSC maintains a list of worthy students in need of support for basic education.  Currently, more than 30 children are being sponsored by donors through our ministry.  Hundreds of other students receive book bags and school supplies through CTSC.  Many of our volunteer teams have arrived with basic clothing and supplies for their week’s stay so that the bulk of their luggage space could be filled with crayons, markers, rulers and composition  books!

Student Sponsorship

Cross Training Sports Camps, Inc. is currently accepting students for sponsorship through community referrals and relationships through our other ministries on Roatan. Currently, we are sponsoring as many students as possible through individual donors, however, the need is great. We are looking for additional partners to join us in ministering to the youth of Roatan by providing them with the opportunity to get an education.

Cost of Sponsorship:

Public schools in Roatan require that families or students cover the cost of school uniforms, books, school supplies, and transportation. At the cost of $200 per school year, Cross Training Sport Camps, Inc. provides students with school uniforms, books, supplies, transportation, and a snack for each school day.

CTSC also provides private education sponsorship for qualified students as they are identified through our sponsorship, tutoring, and other community programs. Private school sponsorship costs approximately $675 per year for grades K-6 and $1,050 per year for grades 7-12. These cost cover tuition, fees, and school uniform. (Additional graduation costs occur occasionally).

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for a student, please email ctscmissions@yahoo.com or contact Sylvia Gates at sylviajgates@hotmail.com for more information.


Tutoring Program

The CTSC Tutoring Program is located in Flowers Bay Community in Roatan, Honduras at The Net.  Now in our second year, we are serving 13 students, and hope to increase this number in 2020.  Our vision is to help students succeed at their grade level, and ultimately become leaders in the community.